Fund This: Charge your devices while you pedal with the Siva Atom

As gas prices go up and we see an increase in climate change, obesity, and urbanization, bicyclists are becoming a more and more common sight. Whether it’s for fun, fitness, or commuting, people are crowding the bike lanes, dirt paths, and sidewalks in a bid to move from one place to another through pedal power.

Siva Cycle, a San Francisco-based company founded by product developer David Delcourt and mechanical engineer Aaron Latzke, has kickstarted a solution to charging your devices on the go. Called the Atom, it’s a generator approximately the size/weight of a small paperback book that attaches on the axle of your bicycle. As you pedal, power is generated and stored and can be transferred to any USB-capable device. The battery pack can be removed as well, so you’re not tethered to your bicycle.

The device, which will retail at $105, is fully funded, but it’s worth getting in on the ground floor with rewards including a reduced price Atom, T-shirts, and, for the big spenders, an overnight bicycle trip. Siva has a streak of altruism as well; for every ten purchased, one will be donated to someone in a developing country.

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