Fund this: New doc to show the “how?” of Why?

If you’re a fan of eccentric indie-hop band Why?, you probably already understand why it’s an extraordinarily interesting group to watch. The group’s ability to create mesh genre diversity with tongue-twisting (and sometimes twisted) wordplay is a sight to behold, and the personalities of its members shine just as brightly as its output.

Now that a bit of time has passed since the release of 2012’s Mumps, Etc. (via Anticon), the band is announcing that a film crew had been following the members around for the past three years — getting footage that could make for an insightful glimpse into the creative process of the band. A Kickstarter campaign launched last week to raise the funds for the documentary, and the accompanying video is a hilariously good sign that the project will prove entertaining. Check out the video below and back the project at Kickstarter.