Fund This: Short film inspired by The Shining, Dexter, Repulsion, scored by Christina Vantzou

There are films and directors whose influence cannot be overstated. Stanley Kubrick and The Shining, subjects of a recent documentary, are two of these. Roman Polanski, criminal or not, is another. These, among others, are some of the works that influenced artists Christina Vantzou and Kristina Ianatchkova regarding their upcoming short film Going Backwards to Recover That Which Was Left Behind.

Described as a journey into the world of a woman falling into madness, Going Backwards is well on its way to being made. The soundtrack is ready, written by Vantzou and recorded at John Vanderslice’s Tiny Telephone studio. The script is written and actress, cameramen, and set are all ready. What’s holding them up? They need a high-speed camera to get their single day of filming done.

Their Kickstarter is aiming to raise $12,000 for this purpose, and it’s offering some pretty cool bonuses to backers. From a hand-printed poster to a leather-bound CD of songs that inspired the score, it’s worth kicking in some money to get this made. Check out their pitch below.

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