Kickstart this: Reggie and the Full Effect’s No Country for Old Musicians

An infectious, goofy, and under-appreciated “side project,” Reggie and the Full Effect is the solo effort of multi-instrumentalist James Dewees, best known for his roles in The Get-Up Kids, Coalesce, My Chemical Romance, and more. You might know Reg from such classics as “Girl, Why’d You Run Away?”, “Dwarf Invasion,” and “FOOD,” but now you can know ’im in a more intimate way — by donating to his Kickstarter campaign for a new album.

No Country for Old Musicians, co-starring “Turkey Lee Jones,” is Dewees relaunching the project, which had a farewell tour in 2008 and a one-off gig on NYE 2010. It has an ambitious goal of $50,000, so head here to back it. We hope you like chicken.

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