Legend of Zelda doc offers nostalgic link to past

There was a time when video games were seen mostly as the plague of an increasingly disinterested youth population — nothing more than escapism and a waste of time. These days, fewer people seem to see video games as a hindrance, and more look back on them as a happy facet of childhood.

Of the major franchises in the early days of home gaming, few are as iconic and even fewer have continued to experience as much success as the Legend of Zelda titles. Florida-based filmmaker Joe Granato, who saw that creatives everywhere were and still are being influenced by the series, decided to make a documentary on the reaches of Zelda fandom, from cosplay to live-action films to symphonic works written with Zelda in mind.

Take a look at the teaser trailer below, and head over to Kickstarter to help fund It’s Dangerous to Go Alone…The Movie. The project needs a ton of financial backing by…tomorrow…but maybe you’re the movie’s sugar daddy.

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