Manic surf rock + monster movies: Daikaiju unleashes “Double Fist Attack”!!!

Taking the simple and expressive side of classic surf rock and mashing it face first into a stack of mathy, proggy influences, New Orleans-based Daikaiju can really work an instrumental track. The tones are all spring reverb and early-’60s Fender, and the four-piece also doesn’t skimp on the campy theatrics, taking a page from the Man or Astro-Man? book of stage presence and drawing from Japanese monster-movie tropes. (Daikaiju is Japanese for “giant monster.”)

There are two ways to best experience Daikaiju’s brand of psycho-surf. The first is in a live setting, where shows typically turn into a mix of frenzied guitars and crowd interaction. The second is as a soundtrack to clips of the vintage movies that serve as inspiration, which is what the group has supplied with the video for “Double Fist Attack.” (Check it below.)

The single was just released on a split seven-inch with Ampline, and the band is touring the West Coast, China, South Korea, and Japan in support. You can buy the record at Daikaiju’s website or at its Bandcamp.