Marshall Monitor: Stacked sound in a pair of headphones

Sometimes the rules of etiquette have a thing or two to say about blasting a volume-pinned Marshall stack in public. Sometimes the rules of etiquette are exhausting.

To make things easier for you, Marshall Headphones has introduced the Monitor, the company’s first circumaural-type (over-ear) headphones. Draped in vinyl leather and studded with brass accents like its stackable brethren, the Monitor also has a mic for use with phones and the option for attaching the cord on either ear. (Should you find another person pining for extra-loud guitars, he or she can plug into the unused jack to listen in.)

You can check out the Monitor at the Marshall Headphones web store, where it runs for $200, and like the old Model-T, it comes in any color you’d like as long as it’s black.

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