P.O.S gets weird with goats, fire-eaters, and contortionists in “Weird Friends” video

P.O.S: We Don't Even Live HereP.O.S: We Don’t Even Live Here (Rhymesayers, 10/23/12)

Rapper, rock musician, and Doomtree co-founder P.O.S may be suffering from issues with his kidneys, but that doesn’t stop him from raising a little hell. In the video for “Weird Friends (We Don’t Even Live Here)” off his 2012 album We Don’t Even Live Here, the rapper takes the conceptual title to heart.

The video exhibits goats, fire-eaters, contortionists, and more cavorting in what may be an abandoned asylum, while Stefon narrates the whole thing over a beat by Housemeister in his energetic punk style.

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