Questlove opens chicken-and-dumplings food stand in NYC

In March of 2012, core Roots member Questlove and Momofuku executive chef David Chang engaged in a fiery Twitter battle over whose fried chicken was better. Later that April, both men decided that the only way to resolve the tiff was to have a cook-off on late-night television — Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, to be exact. In the end, by way of a jury composed of Steve Higgins, Tina Fey, and John Slattery, Chang was victorious and Questlove was assigned to dish duty at Chang’s flagship restaurant, Momofuku.

Now, more than a year after the ill-fated contest, Questlove is announcing a new restaurant partnership with Stephen Starr by way of a food stand named Hybird, which opened May 18 in New York City’s Chelsea Market. The announced menu items have a diverse range, including Mornay’s truffled egg dumplings, tom yum cupcakes, and watermelon-jalapeño love slush — and, yes, Love’s drumsticks (the fried chicken in question) are a main menu item.

Hybird Menu


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