Synchronized flesh: Video for Ty Segall’s “Thank God for Sinners”

Ty Segall: TwinsTy Segall: Twins (Drag City, 10/9/12)

Garage-rock (and now slightly glammed) singer-songwriter Ty Segall released three albums in 2012. We liked them. Now, he has released a more-than-a-little-disturbing video for the track “Thank God for Sinners” from solo LP Twins.

There’s enough skin for any erotic film, but something is off. Disembodied hands clutch and pull, feet form synchronized mandalas of toes and ankles, and torsos that don’t appear to have limbs at all writhe in what could be pain or ecstasy. Through it all, Segall’s ghost-white face hovers with a wide, red mouth and blackened scabrous wounds. It’s a beautiful nightmare, and the ending makes it clear whose nightmare it really is.

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