The Mantis “Walking Machine” heralds our insectoid-robot overlords

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been wondering when you’d have a jetpack, a personal robot servant, and meals in pill form since you were a kid. These were all things we were sure would have happened by now (Back to the Future: Part II, you have two years), but they don’t appear to be coming anytime soon, unless you count Roombas (which you shouldn’t).

However, after four years of R&D, fundraising, and testing, engineering group Micromagic Systems has premiered the Mantis Hexapod. A 1900 kg, diesel-powered, six-legged all-terrain vehicle that can either be piloted or controlled through wi-fi, the Mantis is pretty much exactly as bad-ass (albeit slow) as it sounds. So if you want to enliven your next family reunion with a bit of live-action Mechwarrior, check it out; you can hire it for events.

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