Trentemøller’s new video shows malaise at its best/worst

Trentemøller: Never Stop RunningTrentemøller: Never Stop Running 7″ (In My Room, 6/3/13)

In his video for “Never Stop Running,” Danish DJ / instrumentalist Trentemøller, with Jonny Pierce of The Drums, puts together a centerpiece for postmodern woe. The track itself is a beautiful, galloping, minor-key affair, with Pierce’s vocals breaking through the synths in an expressive wail.

As for the video, it’s more like a collection of moody snapshots that seem to perfectly capture sehnsucht or saudade or weltschmerz or any other untranslatable word you might have encountered in a mid-century philosophy text.

Look for the Dane’s next full-length album, titled Lost, on his In My Room label this September.

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