Watercolor composing: Valgeir Sigurðsson’s “Between Monuments” video

As the founder of the Bedroom Community record label, Icelandic producer/composer Valgeir Sigurðsson pretty much can do whatever he wants when it comes to solo releases, but it’s his musical prowess that lets him truly get away with it. On 2012’s Architecture of Loss, Sigurðsson’s leanings towards the theatrics of music revealed the kind of beauty that could be coaxed from an array of nervous instruments and stress-inducing orchestral buildups.

Just a few weeks ago, Bedroom Community released a video for “Between Monuments,” which comes from that 2012 record and seems to capture all the sonic imagery by way of a slowly shifting composite watercolor painting. Don’t be fooled by the track’s slow and calming start, because after a few minutes the video becomes a tense depiction of wanton destruction — at least to the extent that sketchy outlines and watercolors can portray wanton destruction.