Yeti in your campsite: A solar generator for gadgets

Whether you’re camping or just on a long drive, charging your gadgets if you don’t have the proper equipment can be a pain in the ass. Having to buy a car charger in an emergency, your laptop dying in the middle of an important E-mail — these are things to be avoided, which is why the introduction of Goal Zero’s Yeti 150 Solar Generator is excellent.

A twelve-pound, eight-inch cube, the Yeti 150 is a versatile device. Charging from either a wall socket in four hours or solar panels in 10, it has the juice to charge a smartphone 15 times, a tablet six, or a laptop twice. The price isn’t officially announced, but it’s estimated at $200 without solar panels, $400 with. So next time you’re having a dance party on the roof or recording your acoustic album in a tent, fear not. As long as there’s a bit of sun, the Yeti has your back.

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