Photos: St. Vincent @ The Orpheum Theatre (Madison)

Annie Clark is currently taking a victory lap around the globe following an extensive year of touring her wildly acclaimed self-titled album, which was released last February. After playing in Chicago three times over the course of 2014 (The Riviera Theatre, Pitchfork Music Festival, and the Chicago Theatre), the musician and her band played to a sold-out crowd at Madison, Wisconsin’s Orpheum Theatre, just a couple hours northwest of the Windy City. The setlist has morphed and evolved since the Digital Witness tour began last year—as have parts of Clark’s aesthetic (i.e., hair)—she offered up St. Vincent bonus track “Teenage Talk” and Strange Mercy‘s “Year of the Tiger.” The night further proved that Clark’s live show has grown into an enchanting, face-melting spectacle that is a thing to behold.

Photo Gallery:

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