Backtrack Represent the Streets of New York

New York’s hardcore powerhouse, Backtrack, return with their first new record in three years. Bad to My World is set to release┬áNovember 17th via Bridge 9 Records. The first single, “Bad to My World,” shows off the ferocity and aggression they’ve become known for. Despite the familiarity offered on their latest record, the band’s sound proves its timelessness.

Backtrack’s Take on New York Hardcore

Since their formation, Backtrack has flaunted their inspirations proudly. The band’s fast-paced, thrash-punk sound encompasses the qualities that that New York Hardcore was built on. However, they still manage to retain a sense of individuality. Not only does the band execute the coveted half-time breakdown flawlessly, but there is an infectious energy in the band’s songwriting that has kept them on top over the years. There’s a spark that reflects the allure and chaos of New York City itself.

The New York Aesthetic

The album art for Backtracks' 2011 album, "Darker Half," features a slew of demonic like characters
“Darker Half” (2011) by Backtrack

Apart from the music, Backtrack has captivated fans with the visuals that come with each release. From the beginning, their albums have featured grimy, abrasive artwork that deeply resembles New York City graffiti. With this combination, the band New York City tangibility and character.

In the past, Backtrack has featured a crowd of demon-like characters that fill the album’s borders. Whether these demons represent internal vices or the chaos of New York City is unclear, but the art itself captures the city’s aesthetic.

The artwork for Backtrack's new single, "Bad to My World," features finely crafted graffiti
Single artwork for Backtrack’s “Bad to My World”

Giving the City a Voice

The band’s recent single, “Bad to My World,” comes with its own artwork. To no surprise, the single’s art simply shows off a piece of finely crafted graffiti. Pre-orders include an exclusive fanzine that acts as a collection of art, photos, and illustrations picked by the band. Between the two, Backtrack are finding new ways to give New York City a voice, one that focuses on the flourishing art community.

Backtrack have consistently released fist-pumping, chaotic records tinged with the nostalgia of classic hardcore. Their new release shows the band taking advantage of more fine-tuned production and more explosive dynamics.

Exclusive pre-orders of the first single are available now via Bridge 9 records.

Check out the band’s live set from their most recent tour: