Rich Chigga Shows Off His Sensitive Side in New Video for “Glow Like Dat”

Indonesian rapper, Rich Chigga, glaring at the camera with his signature "mean mug"
Brian Immanuel (AKA Rich Chigga), 17, continues to show he’s the next big star in the hip-hop/rap community

Nearly 6 months after his viral debut, internet sensation Brian Immanuel, AKA Rich Chigga, premiered a brand new video for his latest single, “Glow Like Dat. The song dials back his comedic tendencies and dissolves the tough-guy persona, exposing a more delicate side to his artistry.

Rich Chigga, 17, began turning heads earlier this year with the release of “Dat $tick.” The debut single introduced the world to his unique blend of humor and charisma. Since then, he has collected hundreds of thousands of followers across his social media platforms.

Indonesian rapper, Rich Chigga, at the age of 16 making faces at the camera
Indonesian rapper, Rich Chigga, at the age of 16

In the short time he’s been around, Rich Chigga has put together an impressive resume. His string of major festival appearances this past spring placed the young rapper on stages alongside Kendrick Lamar, Travis $cott, and Chance the Rapper.

Glowing up

With “Glow Like Dat,” Rich Chigga takes steps towards legitimizing his music career. The track is driven by a dreamy, hypnotizing instrumental. The lush colors and scenery directed by James Defina ties the experience together. Defina, who has previously worked with Post Malone and Mike Stud, captures a more emotional personality not yet seen by the world.

The video cuts between shots of Rich Chigga in a dimly lit room surrounded by flowers, to dancing pompously in a field of sunflowers. While the song retains a serious tone, Defina manages to let the rapper’s humor shine through subtle, split-second, cutaway shots.

“Glow Like Dat” has amassed nearly 6 million views since its release, setting Rich Chigga up for success. His first visit to the United States connected him with industry legends like Pharrell Williams and  Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah. In time, this network will grow as his career begins to take shape.

Striving for legitimacy

Rich Chigga’s future is in the hands of the followers that have helped achieve internet fame. “Glow Like Dat” proves that he is capable of making music that is engaging and artistic. But it also marks the beginning of his struggle for legitimacy.

As long as he continues pushing his talent, Rich Chigga is likely to continue speeding down a path towards success.

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