“I expect it to be magical,” Dorothy on The Freedom Tour

Dorothy Martin
Dorothy Martin

Dorothy Martin is on the final leg of “The Freedom Tour” with Spirit Animal.

“I’m very excited to get back out on the road with Owen, Eli, Jason and Eliot in January,” says Dorothy Martin. “We will be supporting our album 28 Days in the Valley and our single ‘Who Do You Love?’. This is the final leg of the Freedom Tour so I expect it to be magical.”

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Who is Dorothy?

Dorothy was built around Dorothy Martin, a singer who was born in Budapest but raised in San Diego. As a child, she started singing early and eventually made her way to Los Angeles. Rolling Stone named Dorothy one of the best 50 Best New Artists of 2014 and soon after, Dorothy was signed by Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. Martin recently put together a new, high level, and powerful band including guitarist Nick Maybury, guitarist Leroy Wulfmeier, bassist Eliot Lorango, and drummer Jason Ganberg. Dorothy is releasing their second full-length album 28 Days in the Valley on March 9th. The lead single “Flawless” is out now! The band is managed by Linda Perry & Kerry Brown at We Are Hear and represented by Roc Nation.

First Two Albums

Dorothy has released two albums Rockisdead and 28 Days in the Valley (Rocknation.)

 “When life beats you up enough, you find your strength.”

Having established herself as one of rock’s freshest, fiercest voices, Martin turned inward to write and record Dorothy’s second album. Working with (former 4 Non Blondes lead singer and) producer Linda Perry, Martin unloaded herself in her music. The result is 28 Days in the Valley, a powerfully nuanced record brimming with warm “California” desert rock vibes and heavy waves of emotion. (Atwood)


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Dorothy’s 28 Days in the Valley, Sobriety & Spiritual Well-Being

From Dorothy’s interview with Alternative Nation:

“What I’m most proud of about this album is probably being able to dive a little deeper lyrically into the personal aspects of songwriting, and also taking a risk in the sound and allowing this album to be a little more spacey, a little more mellow and feminine. And that’s a risk because you know never if people are going to like it. But I try not to think that way, I’m just going to put out the best music I can and it was awesome working with Linda [Perry]. So taking that risk with the sound and shifting everything like literally the whole band, the lineup, the whole vibe has shifted and that’s a big risk to take and it can be scary. So I’m proud of that and I’m proud of being more personal and really bearing a little more of my soul. I don’t think we’re all the way there, I definitely think I can go deeper and I plan on doing that on the next record. I think it’s totally different from Rockisdead and I have to say I feel like I was much more involved in this one.”

“I have a rebellious streak.  A little bit of a problem with authority”

On working with Rocnation:

“They let us be creative. I designed the artwork for the EP. It’s actually going to be updated to a 35mm film photo that a friend of mine, Danielle DeFoe, took. It’s really cool. It’s me holding up these knives to my mouth which is like a real life manifestation of the band logo.

I think it would be really cool if everything we did was on film, or Polaroid. It gives it that nostalgic feel. So yea, no pressure and it’s a privilege to be able to run the ship; steer the ship… whatever.” (Too Many Blogs)

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