Royal Trux postpone tour due to issues from a past arrest

Royal Trux



From the band’s spokesperson:

Due to some unresolved issues arising from a past arrest, Royal Trux will be rescheduling their North American Tour. Jennifer is incredibly grateful that she will not be spending any time in jail, and in her own words, states: “Shit could definitely be worse.”

She regrets that her inconvenience may affect the fans and ticket buyers but is looking forward to the shows being rescheduled for later this Spring. Any tickets purchased in advance will be honored for the new dates.

Last week, Neil Hagerty and Jennifer Herrema announced White Stuff, their first album of new material since 2000’s Pound for Pound. For the “band”, it has been a natural, fluid return. Says Herrema, “Nothing has changed within the Truxian universe we created for ourselves as teenagers; because Trux is and will always be our way of life whether living it together or separate…This is no hobby rock kick. We are long game lifers with no fear, no regrets and plenty of gratitude for the way the universe has rewarded our singular dynamic.”

Royal Trux find innovation in their ‘Bitches Brew’ aesthetic which now defines the standard mash-up approach so commonly ascertained and claimed by the majority of musicians that whether cognizant or not have followed in Trux’s very large footsteps: “everything in the pot whether you like it or not,” deriving from world music, punk rock, jazz, metal, electronic, southern, teeny-bop and all the rest. In the tradition of the blues, through appropriation and re-evaluation, Royal Trux changed the way we think of music. Their return is nothing short of glorious.

“It’s funny how the outside world perceives or feels compelled to parse complicated relationships and dynamics…Usually it’s an all or nothing game”, muses Herrema. “This next chapter is just another perfectly aligned bit of kismet. No concerted effort to force anything forward or to create something with an eye on the past. Only an awareness that the present had come calling with a gift to assist the future future of Royal Trux. The true believers that were once strangers found their way into our universe because everybody was ready for it and it simply, as if on cosmic cue, came to be.”