Biden & Harris: Runnin’ Against the Devil

The best Van Halen logo remake ever?

We stumbled upon this Van Halen Biden & Harris logo over at Patton Oswalt’s Twitter page.

The original Van Halen “wings” logo debuted in 1978 and created by designer Dave Bhang. It ran on the cover of the first two Van Halen albums.

I’ve always loved the logo and the fact that it was designed by a Korean-American. On Dave’s website he shares a bit of history on the design:

Van Halen

While relaxing at my home and wondering if I would every get any work again I received a call from Ted Templeman, a producer from Warner Bros. Records asking if I was free to come into his office to meet an up and coming group named Van Halen and to bring my portfolio.  For some reason I brought my photographer friend, Elliot Gilbert, who I wanted to use on this project.

We met the guys, Eddie Van Halen, brother Alex, bassist Michael Anthony and David Lee Roth.  An enthusiastic and energetic group.  Ted had told me on the phone that he thought this would be the hottest band in the country once their first album was released and for which I was to design the cover.  I got the idea almost instantly when I felt their energy and agreed to design their cover.  It was to be done in less than a week because the album was almost finished and will be ready to be released at that time.  I was used to working under these tight deadlines many times before and wasn’t fazed until upon leaving, Eddie asks “…and can you design a logo for us too?!”