Famous Athletes Who Are Also Talented Musicians

At first sight you would think that musicians and sports people have nothing in common, with the latter usually having any culture punched or tackled out of them at an early age.

However, that could not be further from the truth, with many sports stars seeing themselves as kindred spirits of famous recording artists; in fact, both suffer from the same pressures that come from fame and performing for a demanding crowd.

Here are some of the athletes who took things further and actually had a crack at being musicians.

Manny Pacquiao and Tyson Fury – Fighting to Stay in Tune

Other than screaming the odd pre-fight battle cry boxers are rarely called upon to display their vocal skills, but that does not stop some of the best in the business having a go.

Manny Pacquiao is so famous in the Philippines that he could record himself breathing and people would make it a number one hit, but he has also recorded some quite heartfelt ballads that were well received.

Meanwhile, Tyson Fury is known for breaking into song after a big victory and, although he has not recorded anything official yet, he was made a passing offer by Robbie Williams to collaborate on a track.

Caption: Both Fury and Pacman like having a mic in their hands

Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal – Rappers Disguised as NBA Stars

Kobe and Shaq might not appear in the sports pages these days, but their voices live on forever thanks to respective rap albums.

Whilst in their heyday both men’s names were always the first on any NBA betting odds slip, their music was somewhat less of a draw, but diehard fans still splashed out to hear them warble some bars and beats.

Caption: Thankfully neither Kobe nor Shaq gave up their day jobs

The Bryan Brothers – Serving Up Guitar Riffs

Tennis is usually a bit too straight laced for rock and roll, but two twins, who also happen to be one of the most successful doubles pairings ever to play the game, have been entertaining fans at ATP Tour stops for years with their music.

Bob and Mike Bryan work as harmoniously on stage as they do on a grand slam court, playing soft rock and country tunes.

Bernie Williams and Ben Broussard – Hitting Homeruns and the Right Notes

The MLB has been a hotbed for budding musicians, but few can purport to have had the success that Bernie Williams and Ben Broussard have enjoyed.

Williams is a classically trained guitarist extraordinaire and Broussard has had not one but two critically acclaimed albums.