How do I get my band’s/client’s record reviewed in ALARM Magazine?
Email links to your music to info@alarm-magazine.com. We receive many submissions and can only reply to those under consideration. Please do not send physical copies unless requested.

Do you accept [insert genre here] records for review?
Yes. Though we are a rock-oriented publication, we listen to and write about many different types of music, some more frequently than others. However, we recommend that you first look through a copy of the magazine to get a feel for what we cover.

I am a publicist. How do I follow up on records I sent?
The best way is to send our music editor an email mentioning the artist(s) and record title(s) that you sent. Please be patient as you wait for a response.

I would like to communicate with one your writers. How do I do that?
Just send us an E-mail and we’ll forward it on. It’s that easy.