Syntaks: A Dream-Pop Love Child

Though started as a solo project by Jakob Scøtt, Danish dream-pop band Syntaks is now a duo, filled out by Scøtt’s muse and significant other, Anna Cecilia. As a result, the band’s most recent album, Ylajali, is a true labor of love.

Nick Cave: The Other Man in Black

With dozens of records, several novels, and many film and theater scores, Nick Cave is one of today’s most prolific, consistent, and intense artists. In this interview, conducted in 2008, Cave discusses longevity and reinvention.


Why?: Hip Hop’s Lyrical Transient

One of the founders of Anticon and the primary songwriter for indie hip-hop group Why?, Yoni Wolf’s slippery, honest rhymes reflect his equally unpredictable future.

Shearwater: Indie Songsmiths Unveil Haunting New Album

Austin-based Shearwater makes hauntingly beautiful music, centering eerie atmospherics and strings amid droning feedback. For its new record, Rook, bandleader Jonathan Meiburg draws on his “circuit blowing” experiences as an ornithologist, studying hawks in the Galapagos Islands.

Mike Ladd: Sci-Fi Hip Hop Futurist

mikeladdfeatureforweb.jpgIn the world of Mike Ladd, reality is far stranger than fiction. The Boston-bred MC/producer/spoken-word poet is the merry prankster of underground hip-hop, a sonic jester gleefully melding dystopian imagery with lo-fi hardcore, dub, and retro soul to create party music for the year 2032. His lofty concepts have documented the simultaneous death and rebirth of hip-hop in his operatic Infesticons and Majesticons projects.