World In Stereo: Next Stop…Soweto Vol. 2

Is there anything that apartheid didn’t fuck up? The disgusting policy of extreme segregation seeped through every aspect of South African life, even the music scene.

When white politicians started sensing “trouble” (as in blacks having concerts), they passed a series of laws that kept blacks from playing shows in concert halls in white Johannesburg. This meant that any black musician had to play shows in the Soweto Township, a poor and segregated neighborhood next to the city’s mining district.

World In Stereo: Group Doueh

Group DouehTreeg Salaam

Powerful music often has as much imagery as a western novel. Zane Grey can fill your mind with every pockmark on the face of a mountain in Riders of the Purple Sage, just as Fucked Up can bring you to an abandoned building crumbling from the inside out with only a few chords. Group Doueh can show you Dakhal, Western Sahara in quick bright plucks of a tinidit (a lute-like instrument with a sound as sharp as a sandstorm).

Scion presents: “Infinity”

Statrting Saturday, October 10th at 7PM and running until November 7th the Scion Installation LA will hold an opening reception for the show entitled “Infinity”. The exhibition will feature contributions from artists such as Butt Johnson, Noah Davis, and Hilary Pecis and will “explore both the vastness of the infinite and the limitations of the infinite.”

Mi Ami Sign to Thrill Jockey

The San Francisco mind and genre-bending trio signed a deal with legendary Chicago-based record label Thrill Jockey after a stint with the now dormant Quarterstick/Touch and Go imprint. The band also announced the release of a new 12″ called Cut Men to be released in December.

Pelican announces fall tour

Hometown metal heroes Pelican are getting ready to crisscross the country starting late September with Black Cobra, Sweet Cobra, Minsk, Struck By Lightning, Gods & Queens, Brainbow, and Disappearer hopping on board throughout the tour. Pelican will be promoting their soon-to-be released What We All Come To Need (out October 27th on Southern Lord). The tour kicks off with the Southern Lord Showcase in the Blackened Music Series alongside Sunn O))), Eagle Twin, and Earth.

Lollapalooza 2009: Sunday

Sunday, August 9

Ra Ra Riot

As expected, Sunday’s heat topped well into the 90s, but that wasn’t about to impede Lollapalooza’s crowds. Before Ra Ra Riot’s set in the early afternoon, audience members were vying for the tiny sliver of shade directly in front of the Chicago 2016 Stage.

Lollapalooza 2009: Friday & Saturday

Two days. Nine bands. Rain and mud the first day, which made for lighter crowds and Woodstock-era vibe. The next day held thick, steamy heat and crowds that got thicker by the minute. Walking until my feet ached. Crappy red cowboy boots are perfect for the rain, but not the heat. Things always get the most interesting as they’re about to end.