Balance and Composure

MP3 Premiere: Balance and Composure’s “You Can’t Fix Me” and “Say”

Braid / Balance and ComposureBraid / Balance and Composure split EP (No Sleep, 2/26/13)

“You Can’t Fix Me”

Balance and Composure: “You Can’t Fix Me”


Balance and Composure: “Say”

Next week No Sleep Records is releasing a split EP that pairs the old and new guards of indie rock. Each with a couple of brand-new tracks, the recently reactivated Braid and the up-and-coming Balance and Composure both are following an extended player with another quick dose of pretty and emotional rock tunes.


Concert Photos: Braid @ Metro (Chicago, IL)

Formed in the early ’90s in Champaign, Illinois, emo-rock band Braid has been mostly out of commission for the past decade. Save a brief reunion tour in the summer of 2004, the band has been split up, with each member doing his own thing. Last year, Bob Nanna and Chris Broach were performing DJ sets together at Bar Deville in Chicago and decided to once again reunite the band. A new EP, Closer to Closed, was released on August 16 via Polyvinyl. Contributing photographer Elizabeth Gilmore was on hand for Braid’s first show in roughly seven years.