Jaga Jazzist & Britten Sinfonia

Watch a spectacular rendition of Jaga Jazzist’s “One-Armed Bandit” with a chamber ensemble

Jaga Jazzist: Live with Britten SinfoniaJaga Jazzist: Live with Britten Sinfonia (Ninja Tune, 5/14/13)

In September of 2012, Norwegian jazz-rock crossover outfit Jaga Jazzist recorded a special performance with the UK chamber ensemble Britten Sinfonia. Now the band is releasing a live recording of the event, titled Live with Britten Sinfonia, on May 14 in the US via Ninja Tune.

Watch a spectacular rendition of “One-Armed Bandit” below, with its multi-layered repetitions leading into cascading melodies and beautiful chase sequences. Pre-order the album here, and prepare to get out of your seat.