Buke & Gase

Q&A: Buke & Gase on homemade instruments, unconventionality, and doing it all live

Buke & Gase: General DomeBuke & Gase: General Dome (Brassland, 1/29/13)


Buke & Gase: “Hiccup”

In late January, the idiosyncratic girl/guy duo Buke & Gase, comprised of Arone Dyer on baritone ukulele and Aron Sanchez on guitar-bass, released its second full-length, General Dome. The album solidifies the pair’s knack for producing distorted, askew prog-folk via instrumental inventions and experimentations. Sanchez took a moment from his busy schedule to talk to us about the band’s move from Brooklyn to upstate New York, what influenced the band’s sophomore LP, and what self-created instruments offer that conventional ones don’t.