This Month In Metal: Decrepit Birth, Aeon, Cardiac Arrest

Hail! This being my first column for ALARM Press, I thought I’d dip into some overlooked summer releases to get the blood flowing.

Decrepit Birth: Polarity (Nuclear Blast)

First up is the third album from California’s Decrepit Birth, Polarity. This album is a great example of the band’s name and the album’s title bringing to mind two completely different things. “Decrepit birth” sounds like a schlock-y gore-grind band, while “polarity” suggests spaced-out, progressive rock. Truth be told, it’s a bit of both.

Like Necrophagist before it, Decrepit Birth sticks to the old-school, growled, and slightly raspy styles of vocals in addition to its very complex, other-worldly music. This tactic is employed as a foundation: it doesn’t matter what Bill Robinson is growling about; it just matters that he does it consistently and with enough force to keep the album grounded throughout. With that being said, Robinson chooses his phrasing and placement of vocals well, allowing plenty of time for the rest of the band to do its thing, which really begins a minute and a half into Polarity, when there’s a Spanish-influenced guitar break out of nowhere.

Buzzov-en is back on tour after 12 years

Stoner-core veterans Buzzov-en have reunited and will hit the road after a 12-year drought to tour the USA this fall.

For a handful of East Coast and Midwest dates, founding member Kirk Fisher has gathered the band’s original lineup, including bassist “Dixie” Dave Collins (also of Weedeater) and drummer Ramzi.

After the release of the band’s compilation album, Violence from the Vault (Relapse), this year, Buzzov-en is working on a new album called Revelation: Sick Again that will be out in 2011 on Hydra Head Records.