The Breeders Announce Tour, Ready for Album

The BreedersThe Breeders, the on-and-off project from Pixies bassist Kim Deal and her twin sister Kelley, have announced dates on the 4AD website for their tour in support of their coming April release, Mountain Battles. After an appearance at Coachella and a handful of West Coast dates, the group will make their way across the country to the East Coast. The Breeders will also be offering a single not available in the U.S., featuring “We’re Gonna Rise” (previously found for .2 seconds on their Myspace page) and “German Demonstration” — a preview of the linguistic endeavors on the new album.

Gogol Bordello Announce Tour

After Gogol Bordello’s 2007 release of internationally acclaimed SUPER TARANTA!, the gypsy punk pioneers gained the favor of underground and mainstream pop culture alike faster than anyone could have predicted. Returning to North America for “Forces of Victory 2008,” their exultant month-long tour in early spring, the band will also hit up Coachella at the end of April for the second year in a row.