“I hate your fucking tattoos”: Watch Coliseum get busted in “Bad Will”

Coliseum: Sister FaithColiseum: Sister Faith (Temporary Residence, 4/30/13)

“I need some bad will,” repeats Ryan Patterson, guitarist/singer for hardcore-punk outfit Coliseum, at the climax of his band’s new video. Filmed at an impromptu outdoor performance that gets shut down, the black-and-white video concludes with Patterson being handcuffed and put in a cop car, but not before he expresses some major disdain:

“I hate your band. I hate your voice. I hate your words. I hate your fucking tattoos.

I hate your god. I hate your greed. I’ll hate anything you’ve got, and I hate your smirking face too.”

Black God

Q&A: Black God

Black God: IIBlack God: II (No Idea, 3/20/12)

Black God: “Everyone’s a Friend”


In 2000, Louisville-based Black Widows emerged from local hardcore powerhouses Rob Pennington (By the Grace of God) and Ryan Patterson (The National Acrobat, Coliseum). The amalgamation soon became known as Black Cross, which went on to release two full-lengths and a couple of seven-inch records by 2004. Though Patterson admits that the band “faded out of activity,” that hasn’t stopped the collaborative efforts of its founding members.

The most recent incarnation of Black Cross hasn’t evolved much in terms of a band name or even its founding members. Now performing together as Black God, Pennington and Patterson have recruited the likes of fellow Black Cross alum and Young WidowsNick Thieneman on bass, as well as the younger Ben Sears (Prideswallower, Mountain Asleep) on drums.

Black God

Video: Black God’s “Everyone’s a Friend”

Last month, Louisville-based hardcore super-group Black God (featuring members of Coliseum and Black Cross, among others) released its second EP, II. Now the guys have released a video for the album’s first single, “Everyone’s a Friend,” which, in compliance with the band’s no-song-under-two-minutes policy, clocks in at just under the mark.

Young Widows

Q&A: Young Widows

Young Widows: In and Out of Youth and LightnessYoung Widows: In and Out of Youth and Lightness (Temporary Residence, 4/12/11)

Young Widows: “Future Heart”

[audio:http://alarm-magazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/young-widows-future-heart.mp3|titles=Young Widows: “Future Heart”]

Though not a strict departure from previous material, the new album by post-hardcore outfit Young Widows displays a different phase of the band’s career. Calling it a “progression” might apply regressive traits to its first two albums, but In and Out of Youth and Lightness turns down the Cro-Magnon wallop and continues the band’s history of accomplished noise rock.

Its last album, Old Wounds, was a mostly live recording by Kurt Ballou (Converge, Coliseum, Pygmy Lush). In contrast, the new album was produced by the band and Kevin Ratterman (My Morning Jacket) at The Funeral Home in its hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. Guitarist and vocalist Evan Patterson joined us to answer a few questions about the band’s songwriting process and what bands people should check out.

How do you describe your music?

I don’t, but if you were a clerk at a gas station, I would tell you that we are a rock band. That’s as far as I can go.

On the new album, there’s a bit of a weird blues influence — less Jesus Lizard pummel and more of a Liars atmospheric vibe. What did you want to do new or different? What did you want to keep the same?

Music has to progress. There are no specific influences. The goal with this album was to find my voice, and that was wholeheartedly achieved. Lyrically, [they’re] the heaviest and most affective songs that I’ve created. Old blues has that same effect on me. It speaks to me. The bridge between modern rock music and blues is a short one, and it’s inevitable that those characteristics will be riding in the same vehicle to achieve certain goals.

18 Albums on our Radar in 2009

This year promises to be a great one for music. Isis, The Bad Plus, Mastodon, Dan Deacon, Coalesce, Jerseyband, Converge, and at least three Mike Patton creations (Mondo Cane, Fantômas, Crudo) are slated to release new albums.

Get the ETA on these and other anticipated albums after the jump.

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CMJ in New York, Voodoo Experience in New Orleans, four great nights at Chicago’s Hideout, — this weekend is packed. Shudder to Think, Shining, Coliseum, Fucked Up, The Eternals, sBACH, Deacon John, and Pillars and Tongues are all among our recommendations to catch live.