Wild Belle

Q&A: Wild Belle on familial dynamics, schmoozing, and using loss as inspiration

Wild Belle: IslesWild Belle: Isles (Columbia, 3/12/13)

“Keep You”

Wild Belle: “Keep You”

Though eight years apart in age, siblings Natalie and Elliot Bergman have a long musical history. Whether playing together in church in their youth, hearing James Brown and Neil Young records from their parents, or soaking up influences on trips abroad, the two have a shared musical heritage that has manifested itself in Wild Belle, a multi-cultural pop project that was born from Natalie’s demos and rounded by Elliot’s professional experience in Nomo.

Isles, the group’s debut full-length, is a blend of pre-1980s reggae and rocksteady, dub, R&B, rock, and African influences, all held together by Natalie’s airy vocals and lovelorn lyrics. Here she speaks about familial dynamics, quickly signing to a major, and using loss as inspiration.


The Groove Seeker: Thunderball’s 12 Mile High

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Thunderball: 12 Mile High
Thunderball: 12 Mile High

Thunderball: 12 Mile High (ESL Music, 11/9/2010)

Thunderball: “Make Your Move”

[audio:http://alarm-magazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/03-Thunderball-Make-Your-Move.mp3|titles=Thunderball: “Make Your Move”]

Thievery Corporation’s Eighteenth Street Lounge Music record label has been releasing downtempo and electronic music since its establishment in 1996. As one of the label’s original artists, Thunderball has been on the cusp of the genre, its music known for its cinematic quality and global sound. From Bristol-style drum and bass, 1970s blaxploitation soundtracks, and Afro-dub, to funky Bollywood sitars, lounge-centric jazz riffs, and futuristic synth lines, making it sound cohesive is a feat in itself. 12 Mile High, Thunderball’s fourth full-length recording, is yet another musical journey through the group’s signature sound.