Every Time I Die

Video: Every Time I Die’s “I Suck (Blood)”

Every Time I Die: Ex Lives (Epitaph, 3/6/12)

Earlier this year, NY metalcore outfit Every Time I Die returned with Ex Lives, its first full-length since 2009. The video for its latest single, “I Suck (Blood),” is a disturbing exploration of Stockholm Syndrome-esque victim-hood and attraction. Naturally, it involves excessive stalking and gifts containing once-beating hearts.

Record Store Day 2012

ALARM’s guide to Record Store Day 2012

Tomorrow is the third Saturday in April, which means that independent record stores across the world will face an influx of limited-edition vinyl, avid fans, and rabid audiophiles.¬†With myriad releases hitting shelves, we’ve provided you with some of our most anticipated picks to make Saturday’s shopping (relatively) quick and painless.

Social Distortion

Social Distortion: Another State of Mind

Social Distortion‘s upcoming album, Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes, finds Mike Ness and company reinventing themselves once again, trading in their signature hard-edged punk for a more lighthearted rock-‘n’-roll sound.

Refused announces deluxe edition of The Shape of Punk to Come

In 1998, Swedish hardcore quartet Refused released a magnum opus, combining explosive riffage with assorted elements of punk, electronica, and jazz.  That album, The Shape of Punk to Come, doubled as a swan song and left the world wanting more.

Weekly Music News Roundup

Hella returns as a duo; Converge posts a studio preview of a new song; Busdriver, Shining (Norway), Om, Russian Circles and Aphex Twin all have new albums on the way.