Weekly Music News Roundup

It’s a rough week for independent music as Touch and Go cuts manufacturing and distribution services for 20 labels, Daptone‘s studio is robbed, and An Albatross still needs a touring guitarist.

In better news, Sunn O))) and Dave Douglas announce new albums, Farmers Market will perform with a symphony, and Ed Gein is playing together again.

Weekly Music News Roundup

This week’s news recap includes pre-order info for the Secret Chiefs 3 live DVD, details for new albums from Cursive and Burnt by the Sun, info on Farmers Market‘s “Norwegian Grammy,” and more.

Farmers Market: Surfin’ USSR

farmersmarketforweb.jpgFormed in 1991, Farmers Market is a Norwegian quintet that specializes in Balkan-jazz fusion. Led by multi-instrumentalist Stian Carstensen (accordion, guitar, banjo, kaval), the group has sporadically functioned over the last seventeen years, releasing just three albums (one live) before Surfin’ USSR.