Guest Playlist: Hauschka’s experimental acoustics

Hauschka: Salon des AmateursHauschka: Salon des Amateurs (FatCat, 4/12/11)

Hauschka: “Radar”

[audio:|titles=Hauschka: “Radar”]

Volker Bertelmann, better known under his stage name, Hauschka, follows in the footsteps of experimental composers John Cage and Erik Satie, experimenting with prepared piano sounds. Bertelmann, who is based in Düsseldorf, Germany, manipulates traditional piano sounds by affixing different objects to the instrument’s inner workings. The resultant sound is one of surprising flexibility, as Bertelmann MacGyvers his way into a world of original sounds and unexplored sonic terrain. Here, he shares a playlist of his favorite experimental, acoustic tunes.

Experimental Music with Acoustic Sound Sources
by Volker Bertelmann

1. NSI: “Track #15” from NSI plays Non Standards

This track is a wonderful example of processing the piano sounds to get into a dark tone area. I like the modulation inside.

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