Witch: Amping Up the Stoner Rock Formula on Paralyzed

Vermont rock supergroup Witch adopt the phrase “less weed, more speed” on their new record Paralyzed. The result is a hard-hitting—and at times dreamy—album full of self-assured jams that proves the rock veterans are still pushing their music into new territories.

ALARM Magazine Co-Presents Tee Pee Records Day Party. Austin Texas 3/13/2008

Annhilation TimeAs soon as I entered Austin’s Encore Records, I should have surrendered my credit card at the door. Whose great idea was it to leave me unattended in a record store for six hours? The Austin, Texas independent music retailer (and DVD rental location) has one of the country’s best selections of metal and hardcore, as well as an impressive selection of music from local artists. Of course “local” in these parts means Roky Erickson and Scratch Acid, but that’s a story for another time.