La Otracina

La Otracina’s five most mind-blowing facts about the universe

La Otracina: “Raze the Sky” (Reality Has Got to Die, Holy Mountain, 9/21)
La Otracina – Raze the Sky

La Otracina is a psychedelic metal band operating out of Brooklyn, NY. The trio of Adam Kriney (drums, vocals), Evan Sobel (bass), and Philippe Ortanez (guitar) has been cranking out its unique brand of super-heavy, progressive riffage since 2003. With a mind-blowing sound steeped in cosmic influence, it’s only fitting that the band shares some of its most mind-blowing facts about the universe.

(As with anything list-oriented regarding this band, we shall of course begin with #2.)

2. “The Universe is WITH you.”

I am YOU. You ARE me. We are ONE. Thou art that. It is what it is, and you are what you it. (All nods to T. Robbins, guru).

3. “The space between the great figures of the cosmos mimics the vibrations of a wave.”

Inside a circle fits a square. Inside a square fits a triangle. Inside a triangle fits approximately 36,000 Heldonian sequences.