What We’re Doing This Weekend: New Year’s Day

After watching the Blackhawks beat the Red Wings during the NHL’s outdoor classic at Wrigley Field, we’ll head to the Double Door to catch the second of Hum‘s Chicago reunion dates with Dianogah.  When that’s over, we hope to catch the remainder of the Green Mill’s big-band set from Alan Gresik’s Swing Shift Orchestra.

Q&A: Hum Discusses Chicago Reunion, Lyrical Intentions, and Artistic Integrity

On 12/31/00, dropped-D alt-rockers Hum played their final show in Chicago, appearing with the Flaming Lips at the Metro.  Now, eight years to the date, the group reconvenes in the Windy City for a double dose of reunion performances.

ALARM intercepts transmissions from Hum singer Matt Talbott and bassist Jeff Dimpsey before these impending shows, the first of which is tonight at Chicago’s Double Door.