Review: Ihsahn’s Eremita

Ihsahn: EremitaIhsahn: Eremita (Candlelight, 6/19/12)

“The Paranoid”

Ihsahn: “The Paranoid”

Though the hazy noise of 1992’s Wrath of the Tyrant may seem a far cry from the sleekly produced Eremita, the songwriting of former Emperor guitarist and vocalist Ihsahn always has been based upon a very specific melodic voice. There is a clear thread from the tremolo-picked intro to “I Am the Black Wizards” (from 1993’s Emperor) to the arpeggiated “Introspection” (from Eremita), even if one composition tends much more towards Celtic Frost and the other much more towards Gentle Giant. Eremita, or “The Hermit,” is Ihsahn’s fourth solo album, and it continues a hybrid of progressive rock and black metal that was heard on Emperor’s later albums such as IX Equilibrium and Prometheus.

Norway’s Shining announces more European dates

Style-shifting Norwegian band Shining continues on its acoustic-jazz-turned-jazz-fusion-turned-progressive-metal agenda, announcing 15 new dates for its fall European tour. Shining will pass through select European countries through early November, playing massive riffs from its latest album, Blackjazz (Indie Recordings). Check out Alarm 37 for our review of the album.

During the tour, Shining will share the stage with bands including Ihsahn, Leprous, Xerath, A-Ha, Killl, and Suburban Tribe. For a detailed schedule, visit the band’s website.  And yes, that’s the same A-Ha of “Take on Me” fame — which awarded Shining one of its lucrative A-Ha Grants this summer.