Father John Misty

Review: Father John Misty’s Fear Fun

Father John Misty: Fear FunFather John Misty: Fear Fun (Sub Pop, 5/1/12)

“Hollywood Forever Cemetary Sings”

[audio:http://alarm-magazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Father_John_Misty_Hollywood_Forever_Cemetery_Sings.mp3|titles=Father John Misty: “Hollywood Forever Cemetary Sings”]

Everyone who wants to see a man rip his arm off and beat himself with it, line up here. It’s opening day for Joshua Tillman’s new act, and he promises some violence as part of the transformation from J. Tillman as Sad-Bastard Acoustic Folk Singer to J. Tillman as Father John Misty, a new moniker for a new style and new album, Fear Fun.

J.Tillman on tour with Phosphorescent

The tour between Seattle folk artist J. Tillman — a recent-ish addition to Fleet Foxes — and alt-country/folk group Phosphorescent started earlier this week, with their first stop in LA on Tuesday.

Tillman’s 7th full-length record, Singing Ax, was recorded in three days in February of this year. On the album, simplistic and contemplative, third-person narratives float over acoustic guitar mainly without accompaniment, with the exception of a few tracks including mellotron and drum machine.

J.Tillman: “Three Sisters”

J. Tillman: \”Three Sisters\”