Ty Segall

Ty Segall: A Garage-Punk One-Man Band

Two solo records recorded for two of modern garage rock’s crowned heads before the age of 25 is no small feat. But Ty Segall is the real deal, playing every note with the kind of passionate, sweaty, hormonal swagger brandished by the best of the black-leather rockabilly cats of yore.

Joanna Wecht: The Drive-by Truckers concert poster

Posters & Packaging: Joanna Wecht’s New Feminism

In an art field dominated primarily by men, Joanna Wecht’s work stands out not just because it is eye-catching and full of wit, but also because it has a gender. Wecht exclusively integrates both women and the concept of femininity into her alluring designs.

Joanna Wecht: DeVotchKa concert poster
Joanna Wecht: DeVotchKa concert poster

Goner Records

Behind the Counter: Goner Records (Memphis, TN)

Each Tuesday, Behind the Counter speaks to an independent record store to ask about its recent favorites, best sellers, and noteworthy trends.

Memphis, Tennessee’s Goner Records specializes in punk, soul, blues, funk, and heavy-metal LPs and 45s, with a label that is home to some ALARM favorites. What other record store can boast its own annual rock-‘n’-roll festival exhibiting bands from all across the globe?  Shop owner Eric Friedl (of The Oblivians) spoke with ALARM and shared the story behind Goner.

Goner Records co-owner Eric Friedl holds Junkpile Jimmy: Alberhill (self-released)
Goner Records co-owner Eric Friedl holds Junkpile Jimmy: Alberhill (self-released)

Riot Fest 2008 Preview

Chicago turns into a punk rock haven this weekend for the 4th year in a row with the return of Riot Fest. 40+ bands will be playing throughout the weekend at the Double Door, House of Blues, the Cobra Lounge, and an all ages show Sunday at The Congress Theater. The line-up is filled with a diverse mix including the reunion of ALL. Also on the list are Jay Reatard, Horrorpops, Paint it Black, and Reagan Youth among others.