Cock and Swan

Review: Cock and Swan’s Stash

Cock and Swan: StashCock and Swan: Stash (Lost Tribe Sound)

“Sneak Close”

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With its fourth album, Stash, Washington duo Cock and Swan makes a sharp departure from the sound of its previous records. Whereas the band was once rooted in haunting, trip-hop-ish electronic music, Stash sees it in a new direction towards a more stripped-down, acoustic aesthetic.

Cock and Swan

Video Premiere: Cock and Swan’s “Tectonic Plates”

Lost Tribe Sound’s Cock and Swan is set to release its fourth studio effort, Stash, later this month. The album marks a departure from the band’s haunting use of electronics in favor of a more stripped-down acoustic aesthetic, which can be heard in the band’s new video for “Tectonic Plates.”