Review: Nachtmystium’s Silencing Machine

Nachtmystium: Silencing MachineNachtmystium: Silencing Machine (Century Media, 7/31/12)

“Borrowed Hope and Broken Dreams”

Nachtmystium: “Borrowed Hope and Broken Dreams”

Silencing Machine, Nachtmystium’s sixth full-length album, re-embraces the traditional Norwegian black-metal sound of its early efforts. The band’s first recordings were Darkthrone covers at heart, but by the time of Instinct: Decay in 2006, it had traded minimalism for riff salads and more textured songs. The Black Meddle series, consisting of Assassins (2008) and Addicts (2010), was purposefully experimental, drawing comparisons to Pink Floyd and Ministry.

Now Nachtmystium takes the lessons learned from experimentation and applies them to the conventional black-metal language of moveable minor chords and tremolo picking.

Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dreams: Krautrock legends celebrated in 10-film series

Prior to Tangerine Dream’s forthcoming US tour kicking off in July, Brooklyn’s BAMcinématek is presenting a 10-film series highlighting the influential German group’s most memorable movie moments. Producing music for more than 40 years, Tangerine Dream amassed more than 30 film scores to its credit in addition to its many studio albums. Along the way, the group has inspired countless electronic acts and brought the group — and the movies — a massive following.