Pussy Riot

More bullshit: Pussy Riot members sentenced to two years in jail

Despite a global outcry and support from high-profile musicians such as Paul McCartney, Madonna, and Sting, three members of Russian punk collective Pussy Riot were sentenced today to two years in jail for storming a Moscow church altar and performing an anti-Putin protest song.

SSION’s Cody Critchloe Lists His Top 10 Women in Rock

Cody Critcheloe, frontman and creator of SSION, has a lot to talk about these days — the mockumentary he’s working on, touring, his art and music videos, his eyebrows…but in an interview with ALARM, he opted to discuss his favorite ladies in rock.

Beneath the eye liner, street jizz, and punk attitude, there lies a softer side to Critchloe. All of these women have genuinely been a source of inspiration for him.

Gogol Bordello Announce Tour

After Gogol Bordello’s 2007 release of internationally acclaimed SUPER TARANTA!, the gypsy punk pioneers gained the favor of underground and mainstream pop culture alike faster than anyone could have predicted. Returning to North America for “Forces of Victory 2008,” their exultant month-long tour in early spring, the band will also hit up Coachella at the end of April for the second year in a row.