Weekly Music News Roundup

More details emerge about the upcoming Supermachiner release; the Shrinebuilder super-group begins recording; Mono announces a new album; Orange Tulip Conspiracy announces a full US tour for May. Get these and 10 other news bit after the jump.

Big Business Announces New Album for April

Fans have eagerly awaited the completion of Big Business’ newest album, Mind the Drift (Hydra Head), and so have we. Though you’ll still have to wait to hear the whole album, yesterday the band posted album track “Gold and Final” on its MySpace page.

Weekly Music News Roundup

The London Sinfonietta celebrates its 40th anniversary with a series of miniature compositions; electro-acoustic madman Dan Deacon unveils a 15-piece live ensemble this week; prog/doom rockers Giant Squid announce details for their upcoming album; Fantômas has been added to Australia’s Big Day Out festival, and much more.

What We’re Doing This Weekend

Dub Trio, photo by Bryan Sheffield
Dub Trio, photo by Bryan Sheffield

Heading the “mustn’t miss” portion of our weekend, ALARM cover artists Dub Trio return to Chicago. If we have enough time (or the ability to clone ourselves), we hope to also catch Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers, Calexico, the Melvins, Big Business, and a number of other musical talents.


The Melvins: Godfathers Of Grunge Still Going Strong

When Nirvana Hit It Big In 1991, The Melvins’ fate, for better or for worse, was up with their suddenly world-famous neighbors. But laboring ever since as “the other band from Aberdeen” doesn’t seem to have engendered much bitterness in the band.

ALARM’s Top Ten Albums of 2007

a2a.jpgDespite increasingly miserable mainstream hits (how can the radio get any worse?), 2007 was an excellent, indulgent, fulfilling year of music. Here is a look at our favorite ten albums of the year.