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Moses Supposes: Will mobile radio revive the radio star?

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Data plans will likely put a damper on Clear Channel dreams of mobile domination

If video killed the radio star, will smart phones revive him?

Announcements from Clear Channel have forced artists and their teams to seriously evaluate the position that mobile content will play in their ability to expand a fan base.

Clear Channel celebrated with a press release, indicating that they had almost completely sold out their advertising lots for mobile-radio commercial spots, ending a long dry spell for radio-advertising sales.

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Moses Supposes: Google in your pocket, Apple in your mind

Another chapter in the double standard of music and technology. Google protects its stuff, but the music and content biz should give it up for free?

While Google is hard at work trying to make it possible for the public to steal any creative work you can cache in a browser, they are also working hard to make sure that that same public doesn’t steal from them.

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Moses Supposes: Net neutrality for musicians

Will the Government regulating the Internet mean more or less money for the music space? Internet-service providers (ISPs) say that the net will die if the Fed gets involved. Content companies say the opposite; the FCC will keep the net “free.” Who should you believe?