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Pop Addict: Peter Wolf Crier’s Garden of Arms

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Peter Wolf Crier: Garden of ArmsPeter Wolf CrierGarden of Arms (Jagjaguwar, 9/6/11)

Peter Wolf Crier: “Settling It Off”

[audio:|titles=Peter Wolf Crier: “Settling It Off”]

There are enough two-pieces nowadays that people understand the formula can work without a full backing band — and work well. When Peter Wolf Crier, the two-man collaboration between Peter Pisano and Brian Moen, released alt-folk gem Inter-Be in 2010, it seemed to have a good handle on what it was doing. An acoustic-driven approach, sprinkled with sporadic percussion and piano, established Peter Wolf Crier as one of the year’s best-kept secrets.

But that was the problem; the band’s sound was so subdued that it often went unnoticed, and the band struggled to put its stamp on the indie-folk scene. Peter Wolf Crier ultimately had two options for its next release: create another Inter-Be-esque album and risk floundering again, or expand and experiment. Though it stands to reason that either direction may have proven fruitful, there’s no denying that Garden of Arms is a product of the second option.