DJ Shadow

Concert Photos: DJ Shadow @ Park West (Chicago, IL)

Legendary turntablist DJ Shadow and indie rapper Pigeon John performed recently at Park West in Chicago. Shadow, who is touring in support of two new singles from his unnamed upcoming album, deejayed from an open-faced orb whose surface acted as a screen for projections. And behind the pulsating command center, there were even more projections flashing upon a massive screen. Pigeon John is currently touring in support of his second album for Quannum Projects, Dragon Slayer.

Contributing photographer David Sampson captured these images at the show.

DJ Shadow

Pigeon John works with General Elektriks for next Quannum release

Since his last album Pigeon John and the Summertime Pool Party in 2006, posi emcee Pigeon John formed the hip-hop group Rootbeer with Flynn Adam. Now he has rejoined the Quannum crew, for whom he’ll showcase his production skills with his fifth solo album, Dragonslayer, out October 12, 2010.

The album, created with the talents of General Elektriks‘ Hervé Salters, is said to be a bit more personal than past releases, and it features, for the first time, John’s recorded instrumentation instead of samples.  You can hear some of the new material in October as PJ tours with DJ Abilities (of Eyedea & Abilities) and Dark Time Sunshine.