Guest Spots: Starfucker’s cell-phone-picture tour diary

Starfucker: ReptiliansStarfucker: Reptilians (Polyvinyl, 3/8/11)

Starfucker: “Bury Us Alive”

[audio:|titles=Starfucker: “Bury Us Alive”]

Portland, Oregon-based Starfucker (or STRFKR, if you’re into the whole no-vowels thing) has made a name for itself by crafting consistently catchy, effervescent electronic pop. Since its inception as a solo project, founding member Josh Hodges has added three members, and the band inked a record deal with Polyvinyl last summer.

With a new album, Reptilians, set for an early March release, the band is on the road, plying its trade. We caught up with multi-instrumentalist Keil Corcoran, and he gave us a grainy, lo-res glimpse into the wild world of STRFKR.

Starfucker’s Cell-Phone-Picture Tour Diary
by Keil Corcoran

My name is Keil. I play drums for Starfucker. I have a piece-of-shit phone called the Motozine ZN5. I have this phone because:

1. It was free
2. It has a five-megapixel camera
3. I am broke
4. It was free

This camera is by no means fit to photograph anything of true consequence. It is, however, terribly handy on tour when awesome things happen/appear.


Ryan [Bjornstad] and Shawn [Glassford] in Seattle looking fine.