Depeche Mode shares a disturbing vision of “Heaven”

Depeche Mode: Delta MachineDepeche Mode: Delta Machine (Columbia, 3/26/13)

With Depeche Mode’s new album dropping at the end of next month, the band has offered a look and listen at Delta Machine with the video for “Heaven.” A disturbing montage of Silent Hill-style imagery remixed by way of Dalí, Goya, and Bosch plays as Dave Gahan sadly croons. Check it out below, as well as a video of the band working in the studio.

Jorge Chamorro

Jorge Chamorro: Exercising Freedom with Graphic Design

Spanish artist Jorge Chamorro‘s past jobs have shaped him to value art for enjoyment and personal expression rather than the corporate mindset of making for profit. His artwork embodies simplicity and personal creativity, with surrealist images drawing similarities to Salvador Dali.