Dianogah: Dueling Basses and Melodic Distortions

On its most recent album, Chicago’s Dianogah ventures into harsher sounds, while simultaneously collaborating with local artists Andrew Bird and Stephanie Morris to incorporate melodic, subtle sounds.

The Get Up Kids

Pop Addict: The Get Up Kids’ There Are Rules

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The Get Up Kids: There Are Rules

The Get Up Kids: There Are Rules (Quality Hill, 1/25/11)

The Get Up Kids: “Regent’s Court”

[audio:http://alarm-magazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/the-get-up-kids-regents-court_2010-11-30-181223-4137-0-0-0.128.mp3|titles=The Get Up Kids: “Regent’s Court”]

Seven years removed from Guilt Show, the album that marked the end of The Get Up Kids, the popular emo rockers will release their fifth full-length, There Are Rules, on January 25, 2011 via its own label, Quality Hill Records.

The Kansas City five-piece, which had been disbanded since 2005, returned to the studio in 2009 following a series of rehearsals to promote the tenth-anniversary tour of Something to Write Home About.

Recorded at long-time producer Ed Rose’s Blacklodge Recording studio in Eudora, Kansas, and mastered by Chicago’s Bob Weston (Shellac) — who recorded Four Minute Mile in 1997 — the album sprouted from the release of Simple Science, a four-track EP that was meant to serve as the first of three vinyl EPs in 2010.

Instead, the band pulled together the remaining tracks and, with the addition of new material, released a full-length record.

Weekend Planner (9-19-08)

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